Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eternally Hers?

So there's this girl I've been with for about a year and a half, we've lived together for about a year and I'm absolutely crazy about her. Sure we have our differences but we always manage to work through them. I never believed in marriage before but there's something about this girl that makes me want to marry her. She's told me many times that she doesn't want to get married, and up until about 2 months ago I didn't either. When she gets the hiccups I will often jokingly say "Will you marry me?", and up until recently it worked to get rid of her hiccups, and the last time I asked she even went so far as to say "It depends on how you ask.". She fears that marriage doesn't work, as in her family almost all of her relatives have had a divorce or some other kind of marital complications (trysts, secrets, etc.). Since she told me that it depends how I ask, I've been googling proposal ideas, I've picked out a ring, and I've gone so far as to start planning a Mexican vacation to Cancun around christmas (where I plan to propose). It was either Paris, or Mexico, I won't have enough money (rings aren't cheap!) until around christmas, so I figured it would be perfect to go to somewhere warm (and cheap). Am I scheduling a train-wreck in our relationship by being too daring? What should I do to convince her that marriage does work? It can't always be disastrous, otherwise people wouldn't tie the knot. About a week ago she talked to me about getting burial plots next to each other (she was quite serious); she's planning our deaths together, but is scared of planning our lives together. Is she as confused as me?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


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